Min Ta Al-Tech (Taicang) Co., Ltd

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Min Ta Al-Tech (Taicang) Co., Ltd was founded in 2000 along with our sister company, Ray-Bless Machinery (Taicang) Co., Ltd., by the Taiwan Min Ta Group. The Min Ta Group has been investing in Mainland China since 1990, with investments reaching USD16,000,000. Main Market is 80% of domestic or indirect export, 20% direct export to France, Germany, Uk, USA, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand..….etc. Main products focus on Furniture, Rehabilitation, Orthopedic products, Electronic, Electrical machining...

      • Company Name:
      • Min Ta Al-Tech (Taicang) Co., Ltd
      • Business Type:
      • Main Products:
      • Industrial aluminum material, seamless aluminum pipe,
      • Address:
      • Liu Tai Rd.,Lu Du Town, Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, CHINA
      • Post Code:
      • 215412
      • Contact Person:
      • YeGuoXin
      • Department:
      • Mobile Phone:
      • 13606249861
      • Tel:
      • 0512-53450999; 53451560~2
      • Fax:
      • 0512-53450997
      • E-mail:
      • MSN/Yahoo ID: